The Runaway Jury

I'm embarrassed to say that this sat on my shelf for over a decade. I have great difficulty abandoning books once I own them. This one was picked up from Loyola University Chicago's free book table, circa 2007, during my years of toil in graduate school. This was, incidentally, during my Anne Rice period, when... Continue Reading →

Virgin: The Untouched History

I'm here to tell you...this was one fascinating book. If anyone would have told me that I'd be mesmerized by not one...but SEVERAL chapters devoted entirely to the hymen, I'd have laughed out loud. I think this should be essential reading for everyone. I had no idea that virginity had such an interesting history. Twisted,... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

I snatched this book up from a library sale this past summer, and it sat on my shelf for too long. I'm sort of obsessed with really early science fiction, because I'm interested in how it reflects what was happening in the history of science. Wells is a particular favorite - I began this year... Continue Reading →

Palace of Treason

There were two weeks in September that I didn't finish a single book. For me, that's pretty strange. I was reading this one, but I was also extremely busy with work so I wasn't reading any others (I usually am reading at least two - a novel and a nonfiction--at a time). It was rough.... Continue Reading →

Dear Ijeawele,

I've said before that I'm an unwilling feminist, but I find myself in an area of the country that is simply seething with misogyny, and so...yeah. It's shocking to experience it, and to realize the depth of it. It seeps into every single one of my days, in one way or another. I'm not usually... Continue Reading →

Excellent Sheep

It's been a while, because I've been struggling with shit. I've kept up with the reading, but I've fallen quite a bit behind on the posting - because, frankly, the writing isn't as therapeutic as the reading is. At least, not lately. I finished this book a few weeks ago, and I plowed through it... Continue Reading →

Anna Karenina

Just over two years ago, I was suckered into an Audibles subscription, because I believed that it would help me to accomplish two goals. First, I wanted to read more, and I thought audio books were the perfect way to read while doing otherwise mindless activities (walking, folding laundry, doing dishes, etc). Second, I specifically... Continue Reading →

The Line That Held Us

Various things have converged to prevent posting as much - I'm getting into the swing of the semester, and my reading life has taken a hit. Full disclosure: I don't do very well when I don't have enough time to read. So even as I write this, I'm struggling to form a coherent thought. I'm... Continue Reading →

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